Friday, 21 October 2016


16mm film frame 
An article and pictures in Walkabout magazine was well received.
 Denis "Brizakka' Wallace, Peter Bristow, Peter R. Wright

The big game fishermen from USA discovered Cairns, Queensland in the late 1960s thanks to these three and their mentor, George Bransford.

Hotelier Paul Kamsler (senior) upgraded his motel to a standard not previously seen in Australia.  This was The original Tradewinds.

In 1972 for example, when I arrived to make a fishing film,  there were just three decent restaurants in Cairns plus The Tradewinds.

A string of very old hotels in the area we called The Barbary Coast.
A Chinese restaurant that took a lot of courage to dine there.

This was the Cairns that billionaires (in today's adjusted monetary values) came to visit. The fishermen would charter a game fishing boat plus a 'mother ship' to live aboard at night and work their way north through The Ribbon Reefs as far as Lizard Island for their ten or two week safari seeking the giant Black Marlin - in that early era regularly caught at 1000 pounds or higher.

Meanwhile back at Cairns it was a hippy era in full swing with flower people arriving from the south in their Kombi's.

Cairns was changing quickly.  New large hotels in the early 1980s, The Tradewinds replaced by the Pacific International - now run by the Kamsler sons with Paul Senior in his own office within the hotel as the unofficial Austrian ambassador.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Signed print - a 1967 photograph.

"The Little Mermaids" a watercolor project by Valerie.
Valerie - watercolor artist with her white shark.

Front page  -  Val with largest whale shark off Seal Rocks NSW.

At the first Australian Underwater Film Festival (1972)
With Tanya Binning, Picaninnie Ponds (1964)
Roseville, Sydney  (1995)
'In air and in water' (1967)

At Ewen Ponds, South Australia (1967)
Bluespot coral trout, Ribbon Reefs near Lizard Island GBR  (1967)

 1967 (same fish).

 Val adds size comparison with a Tridacna gigas (giant clam), Ribbon Reefs (1967)
First contact - Acanthaster planci (CoT) "Otter Reef" (Townsville area) Belgian Expedition.

Acanthaster planci
At Seal Rocks, New South Wales.

Belgian Expedition  (1967)

Contemplating a cold freshwater dive (1967)
 January 1964 - weeks after marrying Ron Taylor.

About to make a dangerous sink hole dive (1967)

 Belgian Expedition to the Great Barrier Reef (1967)
 aboard De Moor

(Above) Without wet suit, on her honeymoon in 1964 - in 10 degree freshwater.

"I was in Picaninnie (Ponds) for 17 minutes. Ron had to drag me out and lay me in the sun and massage my body for about 20 minutes before I could do anything but shake. 
There were a few shots left in the camera and he wanted me to go back so he could finish off the roll. There was no way I could do it. I hurt all over. He sure married the right girl".  (Valerie Taylor in 2016)

 NOTE: Eskimo's once upon a time, dipped newly born infants into freezing water, briefly.  This demonstrated to the child what 'very cold' temperature was.  An example for the infant to calibrate temperature feelings in future.

Signed cover
Fashion magazine article - when working as a Sydney stage actor, 1961.

Colleague with same company as Valerie  - singing actor Gary Shearston

Photographed at home in 2016

Experience with Great White Pointer sharks  (15 mins) by Ron Taylor.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

EL TORITO (1972)

Tufi, PNG en route to Cairns , Queensland via Osprey Reef. (1972)

First Australian interview, above pictures = war wrecks of Truk (Chuk) Lagoon, Micronesia.

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